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Contact World Class Pest Control for all pest control Auckland wide. We are local Auckland exterminators for both residential and commercial customers. Visit our website for information on the pests we deal with regularly, testimonials from our many satisfied customers and to contact us with your request. We offer a superior 24/7 service; here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Contact us for a free quote or with a question and we will respond within 60 minutes! Our trained professionals use insecticides specially formulated for New Zealand pests to rid your home or workplace of pests. In the unlikely event that your fly, spider, cockroach, ant or wasp problem recurs after our treatment within 9 months we will retreat for free – that is our guarantee!

Pest Control Auckland

We can help you eradicate the following common pests:

– flies
– rats & mice
– bedbugs & fleas
– borer
– cockroaches
– ants
– spiders

Fly Control Auckland

House flies, blow flies, fruit flies and sand flies; no matter the species of fly they are all an annoying pest especially in warmer months. In addition to being noisy and irritating they can also carry and spread diseases. Our treatment will remove them from inside and outside your home or business. We can also offer you advice on keeping your place fly free for longer.

Wasp Control Auckland

A wasp sting can be painful and if you are allergic, very dangerous. We offer a same-day service if you are allergic to wasps to remove the nest and treat for any remaining wasps in the area. Our wasp control products are safe to be used around babies, children and pets.

Rodent Control Auckland

Rats and mice carry diseases so it’s best to keep your home free of these rodents. Catching a few in household traps will not kill those in the nest. Our treatments get to all the rats and mice and in your home or commercial building and we guarantee our treatment for 3 months.

Bed bugs and Flea Control Auckland

As more people travel easily around the world the transportation of bed bugs has increased. Bed bugs will disrupt your sleep and can be difficult to get rid of completely with home remedies. Contact us, the professional Auckland pest exterminators and we will first identify and then rid your property of these intruders, particularly important for your customers if you run an accommodation business.

Fleas are a common problem if you have pets especially cats and dogs. A flea problem will quickly spread around your home. Our experienced flea exterminators will break the life cycle by removing all eggs. larvae and adult fleas using pet, baby and child friendly products.

Borer Control Auckland 

We offer a borer treatment for homes, furniture and commercial properties. Left untreated borer will damage wood in your home. Our treatment is guaranteed for up to 5 year for residential properties.

Cockroach Control Auckland

At the first sign of a cockroach, call us the professionals as many home treatments simply repel the cockroaches forcing them into a different area of your home. We offer a 9 month guarantee for residential properties, using our child and pet friendly range of insecticides.

Ant Control Auckland

Similar to the cockroach issue, over the counter insect sprays merely repel the ants for a brief time only for them to recolonise your kitchen, home and garden on their return. Call our friendly team and we will take care of the problem for you and with our 9 month residential guarantee.

Spider Control Auckland

Many people don’t like having spiders in their homes especially the white-tailed spider which can deliver a painful bite if startled. We can take care of all your pest control needs including spiders.

Cost example: we can treat a standard 3 bedroom home for flies and spiders, with an odourless, non-staining treatment, guaranteed for 9 months for just $200. Check out our website as we often run limited time special offers.

For a world class pest control service for the Auckland metropolitan area from Albany to Papakura visit

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5 Mandatory Home Exterior Maintenance Tips


While most of us are able to control the inside environment of your homes, such as humidity, temperature and lighting, we have limited control over the outside factors, such as weather, pests or natural occurrences. As a homeowner, it is mandatory to do everything in your power to protect your house from external threats.

Here are 5 mandatory home exterior maintenance tips to give you the peace of mind that your living environment is safe.

1. Examine Roof Shingles

It is important, especially during this time of year – April, to examine roof shingles if some of them were damaged during the cold season. The summer sun can also damage your roof shingles, so you might want to consider replacing your roof. Shingles that are buckled, cracked or loose have to be replaced if you want to protect your home against external weather.

2. Check the Gutters

Leaky or loose gutters lead to improper drainage which can result in water pouring down into your basement. Check your gutters regularly to ensure that your house is protected against the dangerous weather.

3. Windows and Doors

Your windows and doors may need to stay maintained, especially if they are made of wood. Additionally, you might want to check the caulking that seals the gaps that appear between your home’s siding and the doors or windows.

4. Take a Look at the Decks & Porches

In order to stay protected from outside weather, you need to take a closer look at your decks and porches. Depending on the material they’re made of, you should use the necessary measures to ensure they will last long in time.

5. Stay Protected Against Pests

Lastly and probably most importantly, you need to hire a professional exterminator Auckland in order to solve your pest invasion problem. Whether you’re dealing with flies, cockroaches, rats, ants, bed bugs or wasps, it is imperative to hire a company that offers pest management services Auckland.

One of the best Auckland exterminators and fly control Auckland providers is World Class Services ( Our professional technicians offer 24/7 residential and commercial pest control services to give you the peace of mind that your family is well protected.

With over 20 years of experience in this industry, we know exactly what type of pests can affect each area of the country. Due to our local ties, we offer both residential and commercial pest control services to help both homeowners and business owners enjoy safe properties and stay free from any type of pests. We’re serving the Auckland metro area, from Papakura to Albany.

World Class Services offers a strong guarantee that you will not encounter any pests invasion problems for up to 9 months for spiders, flies, cockroaches, ants and wasps, and up to 4 months for fleas.

Contact us today and take advantage of our 24/7 pest management services in Auckland.

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Pest Management Tips for Homeowners


Every homeowner wants their house to be a safe and healthy place for living. Unfortunately, roaches, flies, bugs and other pests are the worst nightmare for homeowners. Besides disrupting your peace of mind, they also create unhygienic conditions for your family to live in. However, it is vital to understand that you can defend your home against pests and enjoy pest-free living by applying several pest management methods.

If you are a homeowner in Auckland having problems with pests, here are 5 simple tips you can use to keep pests away.

1. Keep your home organized and tidy

Pests like cockroaches and rats tend to inhabit areas that are messy, dark and places that are not frequently visited by people. In most cases, they exist in attics and basements where most people keep their junk. Keep the room organized and tidy and don’t leave any leftovers in the open since this may attract pests as they scavenge for food.

On the other hand, you should wipe your tables and counter tops to remove any morsels of food. Be sure to vacuum clean all your seats and rugs to get rid of tiny specs of food. Fly control Auckland is also possible by simply taking the trash out regularly and keeping your house extremely clean.

2. Dry up damp areas

Most pests such as mosquitoes breed and thrive in damp areas including stagnant water. Therefore, areas with high humidity levels are excellent breeding grounds for them. Darin away stagnant water around your home and fix any leak problems you may be having. You can also repel mosquitoes by installing screens on windows and keeping your lawn trimmed and well maintained.

3. Keep pests out by sealing your home

Most pests enter your home through cracks and holes on walls. Therefore, if you seal all cracks and walls, you automatically reduce their mobility and their likelihood of creating homes between your walls. Keep doors closed or install screen doors, thresholds or door sweeps at the base of exterior doors to keep pests out of your home. Seal all utility openings where wires and pipes enter the siding and foundation. Install hardware cloth or wire mesh over roof, attic and crawl space vents.

4. Store food properly

Put your food in the refrigerator or seal it tight in containers. The containers and area where you store your food should be kept clean at all times. However, if you have to leave any food storage containers on tables or counter tops, make sure there is no spillage. Additionally, you should keep your bottles and food containers free from drippings by wiping them clean in order to avoid attracting pests.

5. Call an exterminator Auckland

If your home is still not pest-free even after following all these tips, then it’s time to call a local professional pest exterminator. Besides damaging your home, pests also cause various diseases some of which can be fatal. Therefore, seeking professional help always proves to be worth it.

World Class Pest Control is an industry leader and we take pride in the quality of our work and you can rest assured that our pest management services Auckland will offer you genuine peace of mind. Our technicians are highly experienced and knowledgeable which allows us to provide the best possible services to protect your home against pests.

Contact our friendly team at World Class Pest Control to make a booking!

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What are the Risks with Buying an Older Home


Many people love to buy antique or old homes in Auckland because of some benefits it offers. Buying an old home can provide you with a convenient location and much established neighbour. Even the materials of the building have to be of great quality. Back in older days, the constructive materials used to be of great quality.

But there are also a lot of risks related to buying an older home for you. It can be either pests or higher insurance premium or the extra costs for remodelling etc. But there are of course solutions too to these problems such as a good fly control Auckland service.

What Are The Potential Risks?

There are some potential risks regarding the structure of the house, technologies as well as hygiene. Here are those risks that you may face if you are looking for or buying an old house for yourself –

1. Old technologies: Naturally when you are buying an old house, you have to know and understand that the technologies that were used so many years ago is not same like nowadays.

So, the technologies of plumbing systems including pipelines and pumps etc are all made in the mid 1980s style. Nowadays the technologies are quite different and more advanced than that of the modern technologies. Even the insulation system will need an upgrade to make sure that it is working fine.

2. Remodelling and renovation costs: Of course the old structure will need a thorough renovation and remodelling. Especially the plumbing and insulation system need it. You have to make sure that the current technologies are used for better work and performance. Not only that, you also have to consider remodelling of the roof as it is the most effected parts of the old house

Due to storms, sun and rain the roof gets weaker with time and remodelling it is a great idea. Even the windows of the old houses will not work as efficiently as it should. While you are using your heating/cooling appliances you have to ensure that the windows are quite strong to keep the outside air away from your home.

3. Rats & Cockroaches: If the house is not used for a longer period of time, then it is quite possible that this house will be full of rats and cockroaches. Driving them away for better safety and hygiene is very important.

Otherwise they can contaminate your foods and water which can result into illness. But driving them away is not an easy task. It is quite difficult for the people who have no experience in this. Thus, calling an experienced Auckland service for this can be a good thing. You can rely on the World Class Services for pest control Auckland services.

4. Foundation & structure problems: Over time even the strongest homes get some structural and foundation problems. There are many types of structural problems that you can notice in the older home that you want to buy. It can be some major cracks on the walls or even the uneven slabs and also uneven perimeter of the foundation wall.

Besides these, there are also moisture damages, corrosions, damages piers etc. For all these you have to consider a thorough renovation and repairing. This will eliminate all the risks and will help you to stay safe at your house.

5. Moulds: Older homes are exposed to a lot of moisture and obviously this develops mould problems. Mainly the places where water is used too much have this problem i.e. bathrooms and basements. The old homes have cracks on the walls which seep in the water easily causing the growth of moulds.

Mould infested homes can be quite dangerous for health to live in. You need to make sure that you hire a reliable and professional mould removal service to remove it thoroughly. Before that, it is important for them to do the test all over the house so that no corners or no cracks are left.

6. Borer and Termites: One of the most common types of problem that one can notice in the old homes is the chances of termites and borers. These types of pests live in the dry woods and destroy it from inside. Thus, an old home with too much of wooden works and furniture made up of woods have a greater chance of having these insects and pests.

The borer treatment Auckland by World Class Services is really great. They can help you instantly to get rid of these borers and termites that are living inside the woods and destroying them. Though you may need to repair them again, but treating them will prevent breeding of these insects. Thus, it will not affect the furniture in the near future.

What Are The Other Problems?

Besides these risks, there are some other problems too. One of them is the expensive insurance premium. No doubt, older the house is more expensive will be the insurance. Thus, you will have to pay more for the premium of the insurance for the older house.

Not only that, but even remodelling can cost you a lot. But that is essential to make sure that you are safe and secured in the house. Also, you will not be able to use the advanced electronic appliances and technologies unless you remodel it. But when it comes to pest control Auckland you can completely trust World Class Services.


So, if you are buying an old home and want to get rid of the pests and flies you can call us for the amazing pest and fly control Auckland. We, here in World Class Services, provide the best professional and most trustworthy service to all our clients. Our professional experts are well equipped with all the essential and modern tools which will help you to get rid of the pests in no time.

We are available 24×7 to answer your calls and queries. So, for discussing about any pests related problems feel free to contact us. Our technicians will soon come to your help and eliminate all the pests from your house. So, if you need any urgent pest control or solutions for your home make sure to contact us here

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