World Class Pest Control Service in Auckland


Contact World Class Pest Control for all pest control Auckland wide. We are local Auckland exterminators for both residential and commercial customers. Visit our website for information on the pests we deal with regularly, testimonials from our many satisfied customers and to contact us with your request. We offer a superior 24/7 service; here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Contact us for a free quote or with a question and we will respond within 60 minutes! Our trained professionals use insecticides specially formulated for New Zealand pests to rid your home or workplace of pests. In the unlikely event that your fly, spider, cockroach, ant or wasp problem recurs after our treatment within 9 months we will retreat for free – that is our guarantee!

Pest Control Auckland

We can help you eradicate the following common pests:

– flies
– rats & mice
– bedbugs & fleas
– borer
– cockroaches
– ants
– spiders

Fly Control Auckland

House flies, blow flies, fruit flies and sand flies; no matter the species of fly they are all an annoying pest especially in warmer months. In addition to being noisy and irritating they can also carry and spread diseases. Our treatment will remove them from inside and outside your home or business. We can also offer you advice on keeping your place fly free for longer.

Wasp Control Auckland

A wasp sting can be painful and if you are allergic, very dangerous. We offer a same-day service if you are allergic to wasps to remove the nest and treat for any remaining wasps in the area. Our wasp control products are safe to be used around babies, children and pets.

Rodent Control Auckland

Rats and mice carry diseases so it’s best to keep your home free of these rodents. Catching a few in household traps will not kill those in the nest. Our treatments get to all the rats and mice and in your home or commercial building and we guarantee our treatment for 3 months.

Bed bugs and Flea Control Auckland

As more people travel easily around the world the transportation of bed bugs has increased. Bed bugs will disrupt your sleep and can be difficult to get rid of completely with home remedies. Contact us, the professional Auckland pest exterminators and we will first identify and then rid your property of these intruders, particularly important for your customers if you run an accommodation business.

Fleas are a common problem if you have pets especially cats and dogs. A flea problem will quickly spread around your home. Our experienced flea exterminators will break the life cycle by removing all eggs. larvae and adult fleas using pet, baby and child friendly products.

Borer Control Auckland 

We offer a borer treatment for homes, furniture and commercial properties. Left untreated borer will damage wood in your home. Our treatment is guaranteed for up to 5 year for residential properties.

Cockroach Control Auckland

At the first sign of a cockroach, call us the professionals as many home treatments simply repel the cockroaches forcing them into a different area of your home. We offer a 9 month guarantee for residential properties, using our child and pet friendly range of insecticides.

Ant Control Auckland

Similar to the cockroach issue, over the counter insect sprays merely repel the ants for a brief time only for them to recolonise your kitchen, home and garden on their return. Call our friendly team and we will take care of the problem for you and with our 9 month residential guarantee.

Spider Control Auckland

Many people don’t like having spiders in their homes especially the white-tailed spider which can deliver a painful bite if startled. We can take care of all your pest control needs including spiders.

Cost example: we can treat a standard 3 bedroom home for flies and spiders, with an odourless, non-staining treatment, guaranteed for 9 months for just $200. Check out our website as we often run limited time special offers.

For a world class pest control service for the Auckland metropolitan area from Albany to Papakura visit

Contact our friendly team at World Class Services to make a booking!

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